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Hands&Body Cream   &   Face Cream     with Olive Oil

After the unique Amalthia Natural Olive Oil Soap  against hair loss and dry skin, now Amalthia brings to the world two types of olive oil cream, the  Amalthia Hand&Body Cream and the Amalthia Face Cream. They are the result of several years of experimenting with natural ingredients and their effect on the different types of human skin.  Remaining faithful to our philosophy of making natural products  we produced these creams with the best combination of the finest ingredients. Synthetic oils cannot compete with pure natural essential oils is the fact that modern science can still not copy it exactly. Scientists sometimes still have a hard time identifying all the different components in pure essential oils!  Since each essential oil has very specific properties and qualities


Amalthia Hands and Body Cream gives your skin vividness. The skin becomes smooth and velvety. Regular massage with the cream can recover orange-peel-like skin to smooth and youthfully looking. Even the harsh spots on the heels, elbows and knees can go away by regular massage with the cream. Among its active ingredients are Olive Oil, Vitamins, Almond Oil. Order Online



Amalthia Face Cream through its active ingredients achieves tightness, rejuvenation of the skin and reduction of wrinkles. Amalthia Face Cream is an Anti-Aging cream and can be used 24-hours a day, as needed. It is made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Aloe Vera, Calendula, Vitamins and Almond Oil. The values of these active substances can be viewed in the References.It gives your face skin all the necessary substances to recover and look youthfull again. The combination of the active ingredients is not by chance. Order Online

 Many years of experiments with these natural ingredients showed that these specific combinations can revitalize tired and exposed to the elements skin. People like farmers with many years of exposure to the sun, wind and dust were some of the people that tried Amalthia Face Cream and Hands&Body Cream with amasing results.



AMALTHIA Face Cream as well as the Amalthia Hands&Body Cream have been approved by the Chemist (Pharmacy) Supplying Association of Crete and earned its Registered Trademark approval  


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