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Olive Oil is the king of all oils. It is great for skin care, especially dry skin. It also conditions hair and nails. Contains fatty acids, linolenic acid, and is famed for taming inflamed or dehydrated skin. Used for an arthritis remedy when rubbed on affected parts. Has a great conditioning effect in body care recipes and can be used in almost all applications.

Aloe (Aloe vera) heals wounds, It is a tonic and demulcent. Aloe Vera Gel is a  moisturizer with anesthetic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties to soothe dry and chapped skin. It promotes the healing of burns, sunburn, and psoriasis lesions. It screens out radiation, and expedites the healing of wounds. It is a penetrating skin moisturizer.  Your skin has never enjoyed a more soothing, cooling treat. This acclaimed for its soothing, revitalizing benefits. It soothes and comforts chapped, dry, moisture-starved skin. 

Calendula (Calendula officinalis) known as Marigold is good for any problem involving inflamation, dry skin, eczema, scalds and sunburn. It is astringent, anticeptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflemmatory and it heals wounds, treatment of sore and rough skin. Dermatitis, Eczema, Insect Bites and Bee Stings, Irritated / Itchy skin, Psoriasis, Rashes, Scaly Skin, Sleroderma, Sensitive Skin, Skin Disorders, Skin Ulcers, Wounds and Skin Conditions. It is good for all skin types. Valuable for treating wounds, scars, burns, inflammation and other injuries as it aids in tissue regeneration. It has anti-spasmodic qualities.

Almond Oil (Sweet) is nourishing and pampering, suitable for all skin types, especially dry, mature or sensitive skin. Sweet Almond Oil is lightweight and has excellent penetrating properties. It is rich in vitamins ( A, B1,B2, B6, E ), minerals, fatty acids, and proteins. Relieves itching, helpful for dryness, inflamation, burns, thread veins. It relieves irritated skin and protects it. Balances skins loss and absorption of moisture. Does not penetrate overly fast, hence it's protective properties. It is beneficial  for dry skin and helps relieve itching, soreness and dryness. It is soothing, healing, lubricating, softening, revitalizing and nourishing.  Good for sensitive or irritated skin. It is an excellent skin lubricant and contains olein glyceride linoleic acid.  Vitamin E, that almond oil is rich in, naturally regenerates tissue and cells, has antioxidant properties and is good for stretch marks, aging skin, and wrinkles. Great for psoriasis and eczema. 

Chamomille  is analgesic, anti-spasmodic, antiseptic, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, anti-depressant, anti-neuralgic, carminative, vulnerary, sedative, nervine, tonic. It fixes acne, eczema, rashes, psoriasis, wounds, dermatitis, dry itchy skin, hypersensitive and allergic conditions.

Allantoin promotes wound healing and speeds up cell regeneration, and has a keratolytic (skin-softening) effect. Protects skin with minor cuts, scrapes, burns and sunburn. Alleviates the skin irritation effects of soap and detergent surfactants,  acidic or alkaline materials. Allantoin has been termed a cell proliferant, an epithelization stimulant, and a chemical debrider. It  cleans away necrotic tissue, and it hastens the growth of new healthy tissue. Since Allantoin stimulates new and healthy tissue growth, healing epithelization may take place. Allantoin produces its desirable effects by promoting and speeding up the healthy, natural processes of the body. It helps the skin to help itself.


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