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Please check one of the little circles below to select the amount of AMALTHIA Hands&Body Cream and/or Face Cream  with Olive Oil you want to order. AMALTHIA Hands & Body Cream comes in containers of 150ml . AMALTHIA Face Cream comes in containers of 50ml and is packed in its own cardboard box. 

Payments can be done with the use of credit cards through the secure site of PayPalŪ. Today millions of people use PayPal for their transactions

AMALTHIA Cream is available in the following packaging:

    Selection           Package Types      Price of the Package in US $
       1 1 Hands&Body Cream        25.00



2 Hands&Body Creams        45.00      (10% discount)
1 Face Cream        50.00



1 Hands&Body Cream and 1 Face Cream        67.00      (10% discount)
2 Face Creams        90.00      (10% discount)



2 Hands&Body Creams and 2 Face Creams       115.00     (30% discount)

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 Selection 6 above is of great value, more than 30% discounted. The above prices include shipping cost.


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