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Amalthia Face Cream

Clean skin before appling cream if possible with Olive Oil Soap such as  Amalthia Olive Oil Soap. Massage softly into skin few times and wait to be absorbed. It can be used as day or night cream. It can also be used at any time that the skin feels dry. Using the cream on a daily bases moisturizes and revitilises the skin. It nurishes the skin with all the necessary substances it needs. After a short period using the cream the skin gets tighter and the wrinkles fade out. It rejuvenates your skin. 


Amalthia Hands&Body Cream 

Rub in to skin and massage for some times until it is absorbed. Without having  the feeling that it leaves a thin coat, it protects the skin for a long period. It can also be used as a massage cream. 

It also helps to remove the  dead skin. In such cases apply and stongly massage twice a day.




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