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Skin problems can be caused for many reasons such as:

  • wrong skin treatment and products used especialy the soap. Use Olive Oil Soap such as Amalthia Olive Oil Soap 

  • quality of water to wash body

  • diet

  • phycology

  • not good body health

  • overworking- staying too long in front of a computer screen

  • skin diseases

Many people have an inherited tentesy to skin problems when one or more of the above reasons occur.


Everywhere in the world there are creams, which are sold at high prices to the public and are said to work as skin restorers revitalizers and wrinkle removers. But do they really work? 

In order for the skin to return to its normal conditon,  to become tight and healthy, natural products should be used. And now here comes a new Olive Oil Cream which fights skin problems and revitalizes your skin, Amalthia Olive Oil Cream  made all natural   

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